Dr. Surekha

The appreciation of my decision to put my child here was reiterated. Lovely program - Dr. Surekha


I am really glad to see that the school is focussing on all the subjects, i.e. English, Geography, Maths, Science, which you can't experience in traditional systems. - Charu


Every day I would ask my son, "What you did today at school". Actually my concern was, what he is really learning at his class. I meant, no books, no assignments.

Now I can say that I have given him a very good platform. It's very unique. They are not only learning but also understanding their senses.

And the whole environment is so much disciplined and conductive. Where they are free to choose their own materials and performing their tasks in a very proper manner. And they all seem to be very excited to learn and complete their task. And a glow on their faces as they complete it (which is so much different from what schools meant when we were young). - Ranjita


It was quite unbelievable to see Gaurika perform a lot of activities which I couldn't even imagine she was capable of doing and understanding at this age. Her working with activities like cylinder blocks, pouring grains, sorting etc independently shows the kind of progress she has achieved in the school in such a short span of time. It was wonderful to see all the kids (not just Gaurika) wind up independently after finishing their activities. Gaurika has now started showing the same independent behaviour at home too (She asks for a cloth if she has spilled water). - Anshu

Raman & Meenakshi

We were happy to see all children working independently. We really appreciate the efforts taken by the teachers. We could see each child getting individual attention . We also appreciate your effort in keeping us informed about the activities happening in the school and allowing us to participate in these kind of activities. - Raman & Meenakshi

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