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There are many factors that keep a family together. At SparrowS Montessori, one of the strongest factors has been the loving support we have received. From children running in everyday with smiles and warm hugs, to caring and committed educators and team members; to the trust and goodwill of parents, and the strong belief in our philosophy and methodology, led by the spirit of Maria Montessori.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing a prepared environment

SparrowS Montessori provides excellence in education for children within the age group of 2.6 years to 6 Years. We support and encourage each child in realizing their full potential by using an innovative and progressive Montessori methodology to develop academically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and morally in a nurturing and secure environment. We guide each child to become a responsible and knowledgeable global citizen.

Our Guiding Principles

We are committed to providing a prepared environment

PATIENCE: We believe that patience is one of the most important cornerstones of being a teacher. Patience allows the teacher to work with each child at their own pace, as we recognize that children learn differently and at varying speeds.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: We are proud to be a school that maintains strong academic standards by guiding children with Montessori materials and keeping Montessori philosophy in our guiding structure. We provide an exemplary program that fosters academic growth.
FOLLOWING THE CHILD: Our curriculum is developed by following the child. We believe that when a child is interested in learning about an activity, (s)he will be motivated to investigate it even further. Activities are always presented in a way that is both challenging and based on the child s individual needs and abilities, regardless of their age.
LEADERSHIP: Quality leaders are self motivated. They possess problem solving, decision making, and strategic planning skills. Each of these skills is integral parts of the Montessori philosophy and children are provided opportunities to enhance these skills each and every day within our environment.
ENCOURAGEMENT: Each day, SparrowS Team help children appreciate their own work and behaviour through encouragement. We make relationships a priority by carrying on respectful dialogue and by focusing on the positive.
ENTHUSIASM: By fostering a love of learning, we believe that children will naturally have enthusiasm to explore their environment. In the same regard, SparrowS Team is committed to sharing their own passion and zeal for learning.
UNDERSTANDING AND COMPASSION: SparrowS Montessori provides compassionate and understanding classroom environments in which children are understood to be unique people. Compassionate environment are places where children voices and children ideas are prioritized..

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Committed to providing a prepared environment

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We are committed to providing a prepared environment that encourages children to develop practical, intellectual, physical and social discipline. We are committed to providing a prepared environment that encourages children to develop practical, intellectual, physical and social discipline.

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